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I have found the services of LCI to be invaluable in dealing with the personal care issues of elderly clients. Not only is appropriate care professionally secured but the follow up monitoring is provided. Since a law office is not equipped to deal with such issues, their services are of enormous help not only to the Attorney, but more importantly, to the client. ”

by Attorney of Client

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Maximizing Quality of Life


Everyday life is complex.  For those individuals and families affected by disability, disease or age related vulnerabilities, everyday life isn’t just complex, it’s overwhelming, debilitating, and at times completely unmanageable.  As a result, these individuals’ lives as well as their families’ are consumed with the burdens of healthcare, finances, home and personal care to the point where there is little to no “life” left for them to love.  Lifecare Innovations is a unique company whose primary mission is to maximize quality of life by removing these burdens and allowing individuals to experience a fuller, richer life.